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Jitrois massai top: any color white, orange blue… i love them all. now i already have black color vut other colors are always welcome.if you find.

Agent provocateur samarra (same then the blue and gold set but in pink/gold)

  • BRA 32DD or 34c or 32d . but both are fine. depending of availability at the time you buy it but now its  sale so its better to hurry up your ass because i already have the brief ;😁 and otherwise i will be forced to walk around in panty lol
  • GARTERBELT only size 2 left. this is good. if only size 3 left at the time you order you can i will adjust it at needlewoman(yes i learned a word today… sound strange the translation from french)
  • BRIEF: I already have it

sale at agent provocateur are now around 50pc for things they just added. for older collections its already 70. and in 1week itd all at 70 including samara set but to be honest i dont want to take the risk its gone because this is set is the same as my blue one and is magnificent



Screenshot_2015-06-24-23-20-11Capture d’écran 2014-12-11 à 02.37.35Capture d’écran 2014-12-11 à 02.28.40cervin commandejitrois dressSTOCKINGS:

  • secret in lace :

http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/natalie-diamond-heel-full-fashioned-stocking/Fully_Fashioned_Stocking size O or P (2 or 3) (I use both depending of length of the skirts) I love this bicolor stockings particularly and never had FF nylons bicolor. I love all the others too, but I really want these. color beige/black

these bicolor are nice too http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/eva-sheer-outline-heel-full-fashion-stocking/Nylon_Stockings

http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/Banbury-French-Heel-Nylon-Full-Fashioned-Stocking/Fully_Fashioned_Stocking pink and black

brown/brown http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/Elegance-French-Heel-Nylon-Full-Fashioned-Stocking/Fully_Fashioned_Stocking

love the writings around the leg for these, all colors are nice except grey http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/Signature-RHT-Vintage-Nylon-Stocking/RHT_Reinforced_Heel_and_Toe_Nylon_Stockingscervin

for footfetish: sheer heel & toe http://www.secretsinlace.com/product/Elana-Stocking-Vintage-Nylon-Stocking/Sheer_Nylon_Stockings

  • cervin

bicolor from here are nice too http://www.cervin-store.com/en/fully-fashioned-seam-stockings-cervin/283-bicolour-liberation-45-seam-stockings.html size 2 and 3 (need both, you can choose)

http://www.cervin-store.com/en/fully-fashioned-seam-stockings-cervin/180-nylon-stockings-tentation-black.html black, beige, or brown, … size 2 or 3




  • Agent provocateur Gene Corset black (soirée collection) size 34B or 32C (size 2).
  • Agent provocateur Gene Corset in white (soirée collection) size 34B or 32C (size 2).
  • Agent provocateur Dioni (soirée collection) : – brief: size 1 or 2, – bra 34B or 32C, garter size 1 or 2.
  • Agent provocateur Adara (soirée collection) RED OR BLACK : bra: size 32C or 34B, garterbelt size 1 or 2, brief size 1 or 2.
  • Silk to sleep in http://m.befr.ebay.be/itm/111508457080?nav=SEARCH


  • Guiseppe zanotti boots size 37 (image 4). in kneehigh boots or overknee or ankle boots. camel/black/beige/red, I like them all. suede or leather. you can choose :-)
  • Gianmarco lorenzi white size 37 sandals http://www.gianmarcolorenzilondon.com/ecommerce/product.aspx?product_id=10351
  • Gianmarco lorenzi Black straps & gold attachments sandals  size 37 http://www.gianmarcolorenzilondon.com/ecommerce/product.aspx?product_id=10303


  • Latex catsuit bicolor from SIMONO O. (body & stockings effect) http://www.rubber-store.com/Enger-Latex-Catsuit-mit-Strumpfoptik-CSD4.html
  • Latex legging from SIMONO O.  with multicolor zips and low-waist. matching top with it for a super sexy hooking clip. http://www.rubber-store.com/Hautenge-Latex-Leggings-mit-Zippeinsaetzen-in-verschiedenen-Farben.html
  • Latex matching top with tricolored zips from SIMONO O.
  • BITCH OR SLUT – latex top written on it. http://www.rubber-store.com/BITCH-TOP-Neckholder.html
  • http://www.rubber-store.com/Latexshirt-mit-langen-Aermeln-und-Zippeinsaetzen-in-verschiedenen-Farben.html
  • Pink Latex legging from SIMONO O. http://www.rubber-store.com/Hipster-Latex-Leggings-mit-Schnalle-extremer-low-waist-Schnitt.html
  • William Wilde dress 
  • Atsuko kudo dress  SIZE XS
  • Atsuko kudo dress  SIZE XS
  • Atsuko kudo stockings SIZE XS
  • Atsuko kudo top  SIZE XS
  • Atsuko kudo top  SIZE XS
  • Atsuko kudo catsuit in RED size XS
  • Atsuko kudo ‘lace look’ catsuit size XS

MEASUREMENTS: vary from S for lowerbody to XS for upperbody

bust: 77cm
underbust: 72cm
waist: 57cm
hip (booty): 81-82cm
thigh: 48.5
calf: 31.5
ankle: 22.5
bodyheight: 163.5 cm

white ralph lauren jacket to fit white boots/pumps. I don’t have a white jacket.
it’s at the sale in size XS but don’t know how long it will still be.




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