smoking fetish… almost like a fashion book picture. better in my mind… peacefull… and improved my postures and artistic view… so better expression… capacity to be more ‘into’ it… but the posture of my body is what i see at first that improved a lot. so i decided to do some videos in relation to tantra because i realise the magic and beauty inside ans thz joy and emotions it brings into EVERYBODY i try it. i experience it for 1.5year on myself now… and it changed me and make me into a beautifull person… passionate and loving. my real me… i had the greatest gift from my life . you cant measure the value of it. I would not have believe if somebody had told me about it i wiuld not have tried… but the progressive evolution made me possible to be receptive by releasing blocage i had probably from long time ago … and made me recepteive to the art od touching someone… and like a language… its something you cab only give if you felt it once yourself and as i m sur enot many people are able to give ( i know so many men and woman) . time is… you want it to have ne end… like entering into another world :) i dont take drugs. i just describe a beautifull moment. so my advise of the day. learn it by feeling it. finding the right person is probably the hardest part… too many prostitution things without knowledge… thats why i would advise more traditional massage … and observe therapist. her beahviour will tell a lot about if she has the knowledge… if she have ans feel you have a good haert for sure she will tey to give yiu this knowledge. in real tantra there is no sex involved. its just… awakening senses by letting you feel sexual energy around you (by breathing techniques and touch) … sexual drive you can just feel that the irher is aroused without feeling his ego … its just..  both person woman/men side open to each other and on the same level. its about letting feel each other . but for this your senses need to be open a minimum and this take time to do if they are closed by the life we have. i nevrr write usually. i used only my own words to write this. just on the ewperience i feel. and yes i got passion for it. and even more for what is beautifull because im more aware of it… so its good for my website ;) the main thing to recogniqz someone that is a good therapist (without asking for tantra or sensuality but let her feel you look for it without showing you are horny but letting her feel you are…) now… i never ask for nothing but all the massage i go to become tantra… more or less… they are all in different levels when the therapist are good. because only good in your mind you can give good massage… being oeacefull without stress… and good in your mind make you more open also about sexuality. you dont need to talk for that. the real oeople able to give tantra feel your emotions so let them take of you. they know better what you need :) so i come back on how to recognise a good therapist : 1. peacefull person … particularly quiete and have ‘love’ in their eyes. 2. observe body language  … it need to be very smooth… and sensual slow… a good person to observe is katya clover. the way she move her hands when she talks and the love for oeople around in her eyes 3. they like smells and smell more because more quiete = more sensitive to things around . 4. if you decide to go tona tantra place despite i dont advise… check out you can do yoga there too… on the website for example 5. if they try to have you orgasm… its not tantra. orgasm feel useless during tantra… its nit what count. its the state you are put into that count. 5. observe his breathing. if he looks stressed… worry… going too fast… its not the good person . 6. smiling person… shining brighting eyes…

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